Since 2003, Polyray has brought together the French community (academics and industries) dealing with Radiation Curing. 

Objectives of Polyray

Exchanging, promoting, developing new strategies, concepts in the field of Radiation Curing (electron beam curing and photopolymerization)

About Polyray

Looking for the history of Polyray? Board members?

Board members

Academic laboratories, Technical centers, companies… Who are Polyray members?

Polyray meeting

The objective of Polyray is to provide a fruitful platform for cross-disciplinary exchange on cutting-edge developments in the field of Radiation Curing. It aims to bring together experts from both academia and industry in order to communicate their latest results and with people interested in knowing more about this technology.

The Polyray meeting will cover all aspects of Radiation Curing such as the fundamental understanding of reaction mechanisms, new analytical methods, structure-property relations as well as applications in established and emerging fields.

• Polymerization processes
• Materials and properties
• Applications

POLYRAY 2023 :

The PolyRay 2023 has been organized jointly by PolyRay and the Laboratory of Macromolecular Photochemistry and Engineering (LPIM) in Mulhouse (France) on 29. and 30. March 2023.

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